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6 Best Dive Watches For Fishing

Dive watches are the Kings of the abyss. New materials and the use of modern design tools have enabled major firms in the market to manufacture watches of increasingly high performance.

Here are the 6 best dive watches of all time. (If your budget is limited, check out this list of the best inexpensive dive watches under $300 here!)

Editor’s note: We were going to include the Rolex Submariner as well, but decided to feature some of the less-obvious watch choices instead.


Powerful and elegant, the Pershing collection is an emblem of the contemporary view that Parmigiani wishes to contribute to the Haute Horlogerie. Its lines are an expression of sportsmanship that Parmigiani has developed since the beginning of its exclusive partnership with the prestigious Italian manufacturer of yacht Pershing.

The Pershing Tourbillon openwork gathers all the aesthetic and technical qualities to Parmigiani Fleurier extol. The movement, Caliber PF 511, inspired by the way Tourbillon caliber 500 movement, is made entirely in the heart of the workshops of Parmigiani Fleurier. It highlights the technicality, technology and aesthetics. It’s a perfect diving watch. In case you don’t use this watch everyday, just opt for a good looking leather or wooden watch winder to go with it, this would be a perfect combination between a high-end Tourbillon timepiece & a genuine leather or handmade wood winder.


It has in its DNA the precision and reliability of a nautical instrument, its robust movement of own manufacturing has a very advanced caliber. The quality of its chronograph shows the quality and care that their artisan watchmakers put, this model is ideal for fans to the sport of sailing, it is waterproof and submersible in water more than 50 meters.

This watch has several complications in its mechanism as its chronograph retrograde and its supplementary reticle with a time scale of a quarter of a second, which allows stop and advance the measurement of the time with great speed, while maintaining the visibility of a second time zone on the cover.


Corum offers its famous Admiral’s Cup ‘Tides’ in a new version dedicated to coastal regions, where the tide rises on average every twelve hours and twenty minutes. Thanks to its exclusive module, the Admiral ‘s Cup Tides 48 provides all the necessary information about the tides with remarkable accuracy and legibility.

The highlight dodecagonal sapphire crystal and twelve nautical colored flames indicate hours, recover the original shape of the famous twelve-sided box.


The current Jaeger LeCoultre Deep Sea pays tribute to the 1959 model, which was the first diving watch equipped with mechanical alarm functionality, fulfilling the function of alert the diver when it should begin the ascent to the surface. We have included this watch on our list for its history, although in reality the model that is sold today cannot be considered a ” diver”, as its tightness is limited to 100 meters.


Although we do not necessarily present when talking about Panerai Luminor entire collection is suitable for diving, even though the vast majority of its models lacking bezel. Panerai ‘s history is linked to that of the Regia Marina, the Italian Navy, who chose this small atelier in Florence as official supplier of mechanical precision instruments (not only watches) in 1935.

The first Panerai watch was presented a few years later, in 1938, and used machinery Rolex. In the current collection, a model 100 %” diver” highlights the Luminor Submersible 44mm with external unidirectional bezel and guaranteed water resistance to 300 meters.


Symbol of 4,000 meters, is a clock developed to extend the limits of the rational as possible. It has taken 18 months of research, development and testing to present today the Oceanographic 4000, a watchable to dive to extreme depths.

To ensure air tightness and withstand this clock extreme pressure, synthetic sapphire crystal having a thickness of 6.5 mm. This is greater than the usual thickness, but which, however, remains relatively reasonable resistance at this level. The bottom of the box is screwed, sine qua non for achieving the marine depths. It is made of titanium grade 2, extremely resistant stainless material.

Fishing in Alaska

You’ve Heard About The Kenai Alaska Fishing

Kenai Alaska fishing. The best of the best.  There are many places that you can do this great sport in Alaska, or in the world. As the largest state in the US, with one of the smallest populations per square mile, this is an untamed wilderness waiting for you to show up for some hunting and fishing. And coursing through the rushing rivers of this state are pike, halibut, trout, and salmon – the “big” ones – waiting for the adventurous enthusiast to come along and reel them in.

If you’ve never been anywhere in this beautiful state before…

…you can use these tips to help you have a great vacation. You can go in Ketchikan, Seward, Kodiak, Homer, or in Whittier. But if you’re new to this state, you should consider the Kenai.  Because, quite frankly, is doesn’t get any better than this.  Kenai is one of the medium sized cities in Alaska, but it’s not that big… it has only about 7000 people living there. It has all the conveniences you’d need but it still far enough away that you can get out of the town fairly quickly to return to your camp or lodge for the true quiet you are seeking in the evenings or on days off.

To get to Kenai, you first have to fly into Anchorage or Fairbanks. Many major airlines fly into the Kenai. Sometimes, the major airlines fly into Fairbanks, but it is a 14 hour drive and it takes you through Anchorage, so if you’re able to, get your plane ticket for Anchorage. It will save you alot of time and distance. Once you’ve landed in Anchorage, it is an approximate 5 and a half hour drive along highway 1 to get the Kenai. You might also consider taking a charter plane. See if your outfitters or lodge will pick you up, see if there is a bus that will take you, or simply rent a car or truck from Anchorage to get you there.

Once in Kenai, you can start your excursion immediately

At your lodge or camp, drop off your gear, contact your guide, and let them know that you have arrived. Arrange with the outfitters for your rod, tackle, etc. and start having fun!  Just because you’re in the Kenai, doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything else: ask your guide or some of the locals if there are other activities that you can do. For example, you might consider hunting or crabbing or hiking or even whitewater rafting. Another favorite pastime that people have is to play golf in the middle of the night because during the summer months, the sun doesn’t fully set. As you can see, the Kenai is more than just about fishing. It’s about a great adventure that you won’t soon forget.  Also, don’t forget to ask about going after some halibut.  It’s not far at all to the ocean to get in a day or half a day on a charter boat.  Excellent!

So, where do you start your search? Start looking online for a Kenai guide and lodge and outfitters. These searches will get you what you need.  (sometimes the same services are offered by a single company) and will be the key to ensure your Kenai Alaska fishing vacation is a great one!

Fishing in Alaska

You’ll Love Alaska Fishing Lodges

There are Alaska fishing lodges for every type of fishing enthusiast

If you are the type of fisherman (or fisherwoman!) who loves to go rustic, there are Alaska fishing lodges for you. If you are the type of fishing enthusiast who prefers the resort lifestyle to the backwoods lifestyle, there are fishing lodges for you, too. This variety makes Alaska the ideal destination for any fishing enthusiast serious about enjoying themselves.  What do you do when you get to your Alaska fishing lodge?

This all depends on the kind of Alaskan fishing lodge you go to

Some of the more rustic kinds will seem like a log cabin and will have a more intimate setting with just a few rooms. Some of the bigger Alaska fishing lodges will be more modern and will work hard to pamper you with services and entertainment… more like a hotel than a lodge! The best thing to do is search out a few and check out their www websites to discover what they’re like then to make a reservation. You might also be able to book your guide (or at least ask for a recommendation) through the lodge.

Get to know your guide

These professionals know their craft and can help to make sure that your vacation is an enjoyable one. When you’re making your reservation and booking your guide, be sure to ask about what you should bring and what you can leave. Many guides are amazed at the unnecessary items brought by their customers. The less you bring, the less you have to think about. Once you arrive, spend a while getting acquainted with the lodge owner. If they are not going to be your guide, get to know them anyway; they may appreciate hearing your preferences like when you like to eat and what you like to eat.

Let your guide know that you have safely arrived. Also be sure to let both your guide and the lodge owner when you are scheduled to leave. They can help to make sure that you are on your way when you want to be on your way in order to catch your flight. Lastly, even though you arrived to do some fishing, be sure to ask your lodge owner about other activities that might be enjoyable. You may be a fishing enthusiast but you’ll really round out your vacation with other activities that you didn’t even think of. Does your guide know of a local event or celebration? Is the sunset something spectacular that you shouldn’t miss? Is there a small café in a nearby town that has become quietly famous among the jet set?

Where some of the best Alaska fishing lodges are

Some of the best places are found in such towns as Kenai, Sitka, Juneau, Seward, Homer, Kodiak, or Ketchikan. Each of these towns has fishing and tourism as two of its major industries, which means they’ll be ready to cater to your every fishing whim. Alaska fishing lodges…get on board!

Fishing in Alaska

The Best Alaska Fishing Vacations

An Alaska fishing vacation you won’t forget…

Alaska fishing vacations…ask a hundred people for the best fishing spots, and you’ll probably get a hundred different answers. Ask those hundred people where to go for the ultimate fishing vacation and most of them will tell you that an Alaska fishing vacation is one that cannot be matched. Simply put, an Alaska fishing vacation gives you everything you want in a fishing excursion: Privacy, the beauty of nature, the perfect fishing spot where the fish always seem to be biting, comfortable lodging, a knowledgeable guide, a well-equipped outfitters. As well, it gives you an exotic, rugged, and foreign experience without leaving American soil.

Every Alaska fishing vacation should start with an online investigation of some of the fishing lodges…

guides, and outfitters in the state of Alaska. Once you’ve started your search, compare one guide against the other and one lodge against the other. Find ones that will suit your needs and at your budget: if you want to go on a cheap Alaska fishing vacation, find an inexpensive guide. If you are willing to spend more, you can choose other criteria to make your selection. As you search their sites, find the times and dates that they are available, and then start comparing those to the times and dates that your plane gets into Anchorage. Also, try to discover how you will get from Anchorage AK to your lodge, whether it’s in Sitka, in Kenai, in Ketchikan, in Seward, or in any of the other great Alaska fishing vacation locations. The lodge may pick you up or you may need to rent a car from somewhere in Anchorage.

Once you have assembled the ideal dates and times
for your Alaska fishing vacation…

you can then turn your attention to preparing to go. Find out what the license requirements are to fish in Alaska, and learn how much you’re allowed to take out of the water and put in the boat.Another way to make your Alaska fishing vacation more enjoyable is to find a few favorite fish recipes ahead of time and mix the seasoning together and put in a sealed bag… if you’re concerned that you won’t remember the recipe, print it out on a piece of paper and put that in the sealed bag, too. Take the bag with you when you get in the charter boat for your fishing adventure so when you reel in the big one, you can enjoy a shore lunch that is light to pack and delicious.

You’ll also want to see if you need to bring anything or if you can rent your equipment from an outfitters…

The lodge you’re staying at might also have equipment you need and the charter boat or guide will likely be able to recommend or supply tackle. Even if you have a favorite rod and reel, the best kind of Alaska fishing vacation is one where you don’t have to worry about your equipment: you just pack your clothes and go. Although Alaska is north of Canada, it can still be fairly warm during the day. It does, however, cool off at night. Be sure to pack in layers and bring plenty of mosquito repellant. We’ve shown you how you can do a little legwork ahead of time to further enhance your Alaska fishing vacation.


Fishing in Alaska

The Best in Alaska Fishing!


Alaska fishing…this state remains one of the most beautiful, uncharted, and vast regions…

…of barely-explored territory available for the sport fishing and hunting enthusiast. It is the largest state with the most coastline of any of the states in mainland USA. If you are looking for a fishing experience unlike any other, Alaska is the place you want to go. Those who are passionate about an unparalleled fishing experience will choose here as the next destination for their fishing trips.

Where can you go for the best fishing here?

Although it is one of the least populated states in the US, that doesn’t mean that you won’t find people there. There are several cities that are considered “hot spots” for fishing vacations. If you want to make Alaska your fishing excursion destination this season, consider Kenai, Sitka, Juneau, Seward, Homer, Kodiak, or Ketchikan. There are the popular spots for avid fishing enthusiasts who want to catch fish. You might also consider Whittier or other out of the way places that don’t get as much tourist attention.

What do you do when you get to this fisherman’s paradise?

From the moment you fly into Anchorage, you’ll be awestruck by the vast and sweeping beauty of the rugged landscape. Depending on when you go, you’ll be surprised at the green forests or the crust of white snow covering the landscape. From there, head to your lodge, put your gear together, and connect with your guide… then begin your adventure! Your guide will expertly lead you to the best fishing spots where you can cast your lines and wait for the big bite. Try branching out and fishing for a type of fish you’ve never cast for, or try your hand at crab fishing, too!

Although some people opt for a boat ride, and others pack up their cars and drive north through Canada…

…the best way to go is by plane. After all, you want to reach your fishing destination as quickly as possible. Sometimes it can be difficult to pack and carry your tackle line and rod, so be sure to ask what your guide provides (sometimes you can rent fishing equipment for an additional price, other times the price might be included in a fishing package). Also, don’t forget to ask about the regulations regarding what you can bring back with you to your home state.

Retiring? Consider making Alaska fishing your key retirement activity!

For the most avid fishermen who can’t get enough of the sun and the water, you should look around for an Alaska realty company to show you some lodges for sale. The most avid fishermen, will buy a lodge, then host tours (and perhaps even guide some themselves) as they live out their dream of fishing every day in some of the best fishing spots in the US. You’ll pay for your retirement and every day will be a dream come true.  Alaska fishing…you’ll love this fishing Alaska paradise!