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An Alaska Vacation Guide – Will Add to Your Opportunities

An Alaska vacation guide is handy to have when you are not skilled in a particular sport, such as rafting, kayaking, glacier climbing or other activity that requires some experience. Their skills, and knowledge of the area they operate in, can make your vacation fun and exciting at the same time.

Even if you are experienced in a sport, you may want to use an Alaska vacation guide. Alaska has huge expanses of land and sea where help is not close by and you are basically on your own in an emergency. Weather conditions can be quite hazardous if you are not prepared or don’t know enough about an area. Wildlife encounters are sometimes dangerous and need skill to handle.

In addition to skills and familiarity with an area, guides usually provide the proper equipment for safety, or tell you what supplies you need to bring with you.

You’ll find an Alaska vacation guide here for just about any kind of activity you can imagine. You’ll also find many types of transportation services here to reach those outlying areas or to make connections to your destination.

Most Alaska guides have to receive a permit to operate in our parks and other public lands. So guides listed here either carry the proper permits or they have been approved or allowed to operate in these areas by Federal and State government agencies. When a guide service company is qualified to deliver more than one type of service, you will see them listed in each category for which they are qualified.

On individual guide pages, I have listed approved or allowed guides by park or area. So you can easily find whatever type of guide you want, for whatever area you are planning on visiting.

Alaska Tour Guides:


 Find an Alaska Air Taxi Service that provides “flightseeing” trips or dropoff and pickup services. You will find float plane services to drop you off on lakes, bays, fjords and other waterways. There are planes with skis on them for winter landings in remote areas. And for any type of summer excursions, you will find a pilot ready to drop you off in just about any place you desire.

 Alaska Tour Guide for Water Taxis and Boat Charters – Whether you just want a tour on one of Alaska’s bays or you are trying to reach a remote island or special fishing lake, there are Alaskan water taxis that will get you there.

 Try an Alaska bus tour if you don’t want to do all the driving yourself – or if you don’t have your own vehicle. Also, you might WANT to take a bus tour rather than driving on some Alaskan backcountry roads.

Other Alaska Guides:


Other Alaska Vacation Guides for all those wonderful, exciting, adventurous things you would like to do while you are on your Alaskan vacation.

Vacation Guides for Group Camping

 Go on Alaska land tours with hiking and backpacking guides, to keep you out of trouble! Let them fend off the bears, revive you from icy water and tell you how to sleep with mosquitoes buzzing around your head!

 River Rafting Guides – If you enjoy rafting, canoeing or kayaking on rivers, whether it is a very tame or very wild river, Alaska river guides can help you enjoy your water adventure.

 Sea Kayaking Guides – Find Alaska kayaking guides that will take you on Alaska’s open seas for some very exciting water adventures. They can take you safely through areas near glaciers and in bays that may be beyond your capabilities.

 Alaskan Fishing Guides – Whether you enjoy fishing from a riverbank or a boat, kayak, canoe – freshwater or saltwater fishing, you’ll find a fishing guide here to suit your needs.

 Photography Guides – Want to take some really SPECIALphotographs? Or are you a professional photographer, looking for the best way to get some terrific shots of Alaskan scenery or wildlife? Try an Alaska photography guide for your next tour!

 Take an Alaska guided tour to do some Wildlife viewing – ESPECIALLY Bear Viewing with an experienced guide

 Try your mountain-climbing skills on the toughest mountains in Alaska – with the best guides – try one of these Alaska Mountaineering Guides…

 Glacier Climbing Guides

 Find an Alaska Hunting Guide for every type of big game hunting available in Alaska – from the largest bears in the world to many other trophy-sized game.

Alaska Guides Listed Separately:


If you want to go to the most NORTHERN part of Alaska, in one of the most talked about Alaskan Wildife Refuges, here is a list of authorized ANWR Guides for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Now you know some of the guides that are available in Alaska. Or maybe you already have an Alaska vacation guide lined up for your vacation. There are just a few more things you should look into before starting your vacation. Alaska attractions provide an interesting and more cultured addition to any vacation…

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