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Camping in Alaska – Getting Along in the Wilds

Camping in Alaska is easier now than ever! Private and public campgrounds for tents, campers, RVs or whatever you have, are numerous.

ou can even pitch a tent most anyplace you like, in backwoods areas of most public lands.

There are many things I could say about camping in Alaska but you undoubtedly know the basics – what camping supplies, campsite tools, food and clothing you plan on bringing. I will try to add just a little information to what you already know.

You’ll want to know about



when camping in Alaska:

One thing you’ll want to know for sure is what a Devil’s Club looks like and that you need to avoid touching it.

There is another similar looking plant, we called water weed, that is harmless. It doesn’t have any stickers on it and doesn’t irritate your skin when you touch it.

Baneberries, though beautiful to look at, are extremely poisonous.



is important, while camping in Alaska:

If you haven’t already done so, either purchase or stop in at an Alaska Ranger, National or State Park Station, and pick up bear-proof food canisters. This is important to keep you safe as well as your food. You can also store your food inside of a locked vehicle but not in a tent.

Also, learn more about bears and bear safety.

If you don’t have refrigeration, keep items like eggs, mayonnaise and other perishables cool by digging a small pit in the ground and covering it with a board and a few rocks – AFTER you’ve placed your food inside bear-proof canisters, of course. Dig your pit near or in wooded areas, creek edges or areas well-shaded by rocks. Alaska’s ground temperatures stay quite cool in most places.

From my own personal experience, we lived for a year in the woods, just outside of Anchorage without a refrigerator. Since my mother had seven kids to feed, she had to keep a lot of groceries on hand. Eggs stayed in her pit for 4 or 5 days without spoiling.

The time you spend Camping in Alaska can be lengthened by


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