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Choosing A Compressor That Can Travel With You To Anywhere!


Gas Air Compressors have been around for many years dating back as far back as 1829. Of course they were primitive compared to what we have today and basically had been made to conduct vacuum experiments.

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These early models would compress the air and then would pass the air into successive cylinders. Now this invention or experiments lead to other inventions such as water cylinders which were used to cool the compressed air cylinders.

One of the first uses of Gas Air Compressors came about thanks to their application in deep water diving for the divers that needed a fresh flow of air coming from the surface to survive underwater and these were being used regularly by divers around the year 1943.

Another use for these devices was employed in mines where the miners used compressed air generated by a steam engine to run their drills and jackhammers. But these proved to be extremely dangerous that is until the invention of internal combustion engines used to compress air or gases.

Many different applications have been applied to these machines in both the work place as well as the home. The most obvious use is employed is at your local gas station where you can inflate your tires to the right pressure.

If you have ever washed your car at a self-service Car Wash then you have been using one without even knowing. Another place you may have never thought of where compressors are used is your refrigerator.Yes every unit has one and you surely also have one in your air conditioner. Any mechanic who has a decent shop will have one to fill tires or to run pneumatic guns that loosen and tighten bolts.

If you are a carpenter they are employed to blow saw dust away, run nail guns and in painting furniture. So you can well imagine that they will be found in most body shops where they can run a selection of pneumatic tools and paint guns.

They are truly time savers when it comes to their industrial and commercial applications. Now if you are a homeowner and garage tinkerer like I am they can come in handy keeping tire pressures up to par, loosening bolts with impact wrenches or drying a recently washed motor.

If you like to fool around with furniture you can also run sanders and paint guns. Now when a compressor works it gathers the moisture from the air it is compressing and most of them include a water trap or bleeder valve which is a part of the weekly maintenance done on these machines.

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