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Make the Most of Your Holiday by Relieving Jetlag with SAD Light Therapy

Any family holiday is a fun and exciting time for all the family but the organising, travelling plus a last minute rush to board your flight on time can be hectic enough without jetlag on top of it all to bookend each side of what should be an enjoyable trip. The main causes of jetlag are due to suddenly adjust to a new time zone and dehydration from flying amongst others and can result in a number of symptoms that include lethargy, disorientation, head pain, colds, digestive problems and more but there are a few ways you can fight the effects entirely.


If you have the opportunity before you board your flight in the days leading up to it then alongside drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and exercising one key thing you can do is to try and adjust your body clock with the help of SAD lighting. The acronym SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder which is a condition that is exacerbated by lack of sunlight particularly in colder climates and the winter season resulting in symptoms like depression, lethargy, irritability and more because the brain isn’t producing enough serotonin. By using a SAD Light someone suffering from SAD can receive the necessary light during the day to get the serotonin they need to function properly but it also makes them ideal for helping to relive the problems caused by jetlag.


By using a SAD light to simulate daylight particularly with units that have a sunrise and sundown function you can change your body clock by setting the light to the time zone where you will be going and go about your daily routine to that time. If you can do that a few days before hand your body will adjust more normally with less stress and in a comfortable environment so when you actually step foot onto the flight all you have to worry about is drinking plenty of water and keeping moving during the ‘daytime’.


On arrival you don’t need to carry on using sad lighting as you will be adjusted and can enjoy using the natural lighting and time zone but rather than spend your last few days changing your body clock back you can use the SAD Light after your return journey home to help re-adjust back by helping your brain produce the much needed serotonin.

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