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The Best in Alaska Fishing!


Alaska fishing…this state remains one of the most beautiful, uncharted, and vast regions…

…of barely-explored territory available for the sport fishing and hunting enthusiast. It is the largest state with the most coastline of any of the states in mainland USA. If you are looking for a fishing experience unlike any other, Alaska is the place you want to go. Those who are passionate about an unparalleled fishing experience will choose here as the next destination for their fishing trips.

Where can you go for the best fishing here?

Although it is one of the least populated states in the US, that doesn’t mean that you won’t find people there. There are several cities that are considered “hot spots” for fishing vacations. If you want to make Alaska your fishing excursion destination this season, consider Kenai, Sitka, Juneau, Seward, Homer, Kodiak, or Ketchikan. There are the popular spots for avid fishing enthusiasts who want to catch fish. You might also consider Whittier or other out of the way places that don’t get as much tourist attention.

What do you do when you get to this fisherman’s paradise?

From the moment you fly into Anchorage, you’ll be awestruck by the vast and sweeping beauty of the rugged landscape. Depending on when you go, you’ll be surprised at the green forests or the crust of white snow covering the landscape. From there, head to your lodge, put your gear together, and connect with your guide… then begin your adventure! Your guide will expertly lead you to the best fishing spots where you can cast your lines and wait for the big bite. Try branching out and fishing for a type of fish you’ve never cast for, or try your hand at crab fishing, too!

Although some people opt for a boat ride, and others pack up their cars and drive north through Canada…

…the best way to go is by plane. After all, you want to reach your fishing destination as quickly as possible. Sometimes it can be difficult to pack and carry your tackle line and rod, so be sure to ask what your guide provides (sometimes you can rent fishing equipment for an additional price, other times the price might be included in a fishing package). Also, don’t forget to ask about the regulations regarding what you can bring back with you to your home state.

Retiring? Consider making Alaska fishing your key retirement activity!

For the most avid fishermen who can’t get enough of the sun and the water, you should look around for an Alaska realty company to show you some lodges for sale. The most avid fishermen, will buy a lodge, then host tours (and perhaps even guide some themselves) as they live out their dream of fishing every day in some of the best fishing spots in the US. You’ll pay for your retirement and every day will be a dream come true.  Alaska fishing…you’ll love this fishing Alaska paradise!

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