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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pet Friendly Hotel

According to The Jet Set Pets, out of the 40 percent of pet owners who plan to travel this year alone, more than 85 percent plan to bring their dogs with them. Approximately 15 percent plan to bring their cats (this because cats typically do not enjoy traveling nearly so much as their canine counterparts). Of course, traveling with pets is only pleasant when you can find a hotel that is as friendly to man’s best friend as it is to you. This article will help you learn tips from other pet owners to choose the perfect pet friendly hotel.

It Is All About Safety

female-guest-with-dog-and-baggage-at-hotel-receptionIn a 2012 survey by Pet Relocation, 90 percent of respondents reported that they would actually alter their travel plans to ensure their pets were more comfortable and safe. Primary safety considerations to evaluate include each of the following.

  • Housekeeping. Good housekeeping will make sure items left behind from other travelers and their pets are removed before you and your pet occupy the room.
  • Access. Easy access in and out is another very important aspect of safety – both for pet comfort and occupant security.
  • Sanitation. Some hotels also offer pet bags to pick up waste and specific areas where pets are allowed to relieve themselves – or even whole floors of the hotel that are reserved just for owner-pet travel groups.



Because owners and pets traveling together is so common today, a big part of comfort is an animal friendly hotel staff. This includes each of these elements.

  • Pet-friendly housekeeping. Housekeeping staff, who may encounter a pet in the room while you are out and about, must be comfortable working with and around animals.
  • Hotel and room design. Ideally, you are looking for a hotel setup that makes it easy to accommodate pets’ needs for relief, exercise and play, and a room setup that adjusts for the need to set up a bed or crate for the pet to rest.

Positive Reviews from Other Pet Owners


Perhaps the most important consideration before selecting a pet-friendly hotel is feedback from other owner-pet travel groups. For instance, if you are researching to find Hotels in Vegas that allow pets, you can look at all of the following before making your decision.

  • Hotel layout. You can look online and view pictures of the rooms, the grounds and the amenities to see if the hotel looks pet friend.
  • Testimonials from past guests. Most websites allow reviews from past guests. You can read what owners have to say about whether the hotel was welcoming and accommodating to both the owner and the pet.
  • Fees and deposits. Some hotels will ask for an up-front fee (pet deposit) and others will not. For those that ask for fees, prices can vary. Be sure you know all the fees in advance before booking a room for you and your pet.


With these helpful tips from other pet owners, you and your pet can look forward to a safe, comfortable and relaxing trip – together!

About the Author: Donna Larson loves to travel. So does her dog, Caroline. Because Caroline is 55 pound Labrador, Donna spends a lot of time researching pet hotels before her trips.

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