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Tips For Traveling Like A Pro

When it comes to traveling, many of us have little idea about how to get the best deal and to have the best experience. From booking the best flight to picking the right hotel, there is so much to consider that it can often seem overwhelming. In this article, we cover some quick and easy tips that will save you money and make you get much more from your vacations.


If you have ever tried to book a flight online, you’ve probably seen how much prices fluctuate from day to day and month to month. The same flight can easily be 2–5 times more expensive depending on the time you want to go away, and the time you’re planning to book. A large part of this is supply and demand. During summertime, people want to go away, and therefore they’re prepared to pay more. When a big event is happening in a certain city on a certain day, you’ll often see prices rise as well.


The airline wants to make as much as possible from each ticket sold, and so they also employ some clever tricks to segment customers according to their budget. Business travelers tend to be willing to spend more money, and so airlines typically charge more to passengers when the stay does not fall over a weekend. Business travelers like to go home to their families at the weekend, airlines know this, and so they have an easy way of segmenting them out and charging them more.


To really save money on tickets, plan in advance, be flexible with dates and don’t give up and settle for the lowest price. It’s also worth remembering that many great deals come up when airlines suddenly realize they have some spare seats at the last minute. So it’s always worth checking flights that are only leaving in a day’s time – the airline would rather get something than leave empty seats.

You can also save money by looking into travel clubs like Royal Holiday Club. The organization has around 85,000 members based around the world, and members are given really good deals on travel. You can find out more information about Royal Holiday on Wikipedia.


When you are traveling, you need to be careful about how you exchange money. Many people are confused by the way currency is advertised and sold, but it’s ultimately very simple. For a given amount of dollars, you want as much foreign currency as possible. A great tip is, when asking for a quote, don’t be drawn into the commission, the exchange rate or anything else. Ask, for this amount, how many euros, pounds or pesos will I get? Businesses go to some lengths to make their prices seem cheaper, such as by offering commission free exchange, but then charging a worse exchange rate. Or by offering the lowest exchange rate, and then making their margin on commission. Take account of all factors and you’ll be sure to get the best deal. 

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