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You’ll Love Alaska Fishing Lodges

There are Alaska fishing lodges for every type of fishing enthusiast

If you are the type of fisherman (or fisherwoman!) who loves to go rustic, there are Alaska fishing lodges for you. If you are the type of fishing enthusiast who prefers the resort lifestyle to the backwoods lifestyle, there are fishing lodges for you, too. This variety makes Alaska the ideal destination for any fishing enthusiast serious about enjoying themselves.  What do you do when you get to your Alaska fishing lodge?

This all depends on the kind of Alaskan fishing lodge you go to

Some of the more rustic kinds will seem like a log cabin and will have a more intimate setting with just a few rooms. Some of the bigger Alaska fishing lodges will be more modern and will work hard to pamper you with services and entertainment… more like a hotel than a lodge! The best thing to do is search out a few and check out their www websites to discover what they’re like then to make a reservation. You might also be able to book your guide (or at least ask for a recommendation) through the lodge.

Get to know your guide

These professionals know their craft and can help to make sure that your vacation is an enjoyable one. When you’re making your reservation and booking your guide, be sure to ask about what you should bring and what you can leave. Many guides are amazed at the unnecessary items brought by their customers. The less you bring, the less you have to think about. Once you arrive, spend a while getting acquainted with the lodge owner. If they are not going to be your guide, get to know them anyway; they may appreciate hearing your preferences like when you like to eat and what you like to eat.

Let your guide know that you have safely arrived. Also be sure to let both your guide and the lodge owner when you are scheduled to leave. They can help to make sure that you are on your way when you want to be on your way in order to catch your flight. Lastly, even though you arrived to do some fishing, be sure to ask your lodge owner about other activities that might be enjoyable. You may be a fishing enthusiast but you’ll really round out your vacation with other activities that you didn’t even think of. Does your guide know of a local event or celebration? Is the sunset something spectacular that you shouldn’t miss? Is there a small café in a nearby town that has become quietly famous among the jet set?

Where some of the best Alaska fishing lodges are

Some of the best places are found in such towns as Kenai, Sitka, Juneau, Seward, Homer, Kodiak, or Ketchikan. Each of these towns has fishing and tourism as two of its major industries, which means they’ll be ready to cater to your every fishing whim. Alaska fishing lodges…get on board!

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